Friday, June 13, 2008

Doc Day

I saw the sports medicine doc today. He really didn't tell me anything I didn't know - or, anything Julee hadn't already told me. He did say he could not palpate a space (or did he call it a divet? I can't remember) in the muscle, my calves are symmetric and I didn't have any range of motion issues. The exam was essentially negative. I should stay with a neutral shoe because of the orthotics (I didn't know that), he suggested some bicycle riding mixed in to keep up the cardio, but take stress of the calf. Otherwise, he wasn't too concerned. Good.

I did get new shoes. They're a little roomier than the old ones, so if nothing else, they will be more comfortable and hopefully, I won't end up with that lovely black toenail this year. Buying shoes always feels like a shot in the dark to me - depends where you go, which salesperson you talk to. I like to think they all have the same general knowledge, but I guess you never know. I ended up with Saucony today. They're roomy in the toe box, snug around the mid-foot and fit well in the heel. Tomorrow I'll be taking them out for a run. Let's hope for the best!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the official 18 week start of marathon training season. So, watch out for those runners out there. They're on a mission, and they're quite serious about it. Cut 'em a break, when you see one, they could be at the end of their long run!