Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm sure you know by now that Brian plays football. This year, he's in the featherweight class. Today was the last regular season game, and they won. That's right, a 9-0 season! Rock on..

Now, they're playoff bound. Not sure on time/date yet, but I'm SO excited! Yeah, it's a long season, but we've had a great year (actually, he's had three great years. Every year he's played). This is our first undefeated season, so it's crazy exciting to have it go on longer. Be sure to check back for updates!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've Got Plans...

As a self-admitted control freak, I love, love, LOVE when things work out the way I want!

As I've mentioned before, the big 4-0 happens in February 2010. Exactly 4 months from today (no, that I had no control over). I'm planning a big 4-0 year. Not in the way of travel or anything like that, just in big ways for me personally.

I've mentioned marathons to be run, and I'm going to run the Green Bay marathon in May 2010. I'm also hoping to do either Milwaukee or Chicago in October. Yep, two. Why the hell not??

My other big thing is going back to school. I've wanted to go back for cosmetology for many years. I've gone to several schools in the area, trying to figure out which was best for me. Today, I found it. The schedule works, the tuition all just feels, well, right. Classes begin on January 12th. Yahoo!

So, bring on 4-0. I'm ready. For my marathons, school and whatever else happens to sound good!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hello Strangers! Yeah, it's been awhile. I'm a busy gal.

I wanted to wish all the runners in the Chicago Marathon this Sunday good luck. The weather seems to be cooperating this year, and for that, you all must be thrilled! The run can be a bitch, but trust me, crossing the finish line is totally worth it.

I'll admit to marathon envy this year. It's been a perfect season for training, and as mentioned, is shaping up to be a great marathon Sunday. Figures. I'll be cheering you on. Have fun, enjoy it - even the painful parts!

On a similar note, I picked up my brand, spankin' new orthotics today. This means I have no excuse... I suppose I could use the "I need new running shoes" one, but even that is weak. The shoes I have are just fine. Soooo...I need to get out there again. CONSISTENTLY get out there again. There are marathons to be run in 2010!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

It has been awhile since I blogged, hasn't it? Yikes...

Things have been busy. My adorable pup, Bruno, has been all over with me. He's doing SO well. The change in him since he came to live with us has been AMAZING!! He's so sweet. I've signed up to be a volunteer at the shelter where he came from. The orientation meeting is next week. I'm very excited about this opportunity!

I've also been spending a lot of time with Julee and Sofie, who is just the cutest thing EVER. Then there's football and Brian, that's where I've been. I'll get back to into the groove soon!

I do want to give a shout to the Chicago Marathoners. The race is in 10 days and it seems the weather will cooperate this year (of course, because I'm not running). Good luck to all of you, and I will admit, I do have serious marathon envy!