Monday, June 23, 2008


Yep, 5.26 miles on Sunday. I think the key for me is running at dusk. I seem to have my best run at dusk, around 65 degrees. Think I can pull that off all summer? Not likely, but it sure would be nice. I think its because I've been moving around all day, and everything is loosened up. Maybe we can move the marathon to a 6 pm start. I know, also unlikely.

Anyway, a successful 5.26 miles in 59:52. Not the 10 min pace I'd like, but that's okay, I have time for that. I felt good and only walked a grand total of 4 min that entire time. Ya-freakin-who.

My new gameplan is to run every other day. The bod seems much happier when I do that. If necessary, I'll drop the shorter weekday run. Throw in some biking, on our new, groovy trainer, and I should be good.

Here's the bad part about running at dusk...mosquitos. They really, really like sweaty people. Maybe that's why I kept going and didn't walk much. But hey, whatever works. If the silly mosquitos keep me moving, then so be it!!


Jenn said...

Congrats on the 5 miles plus! I'm with you re: dusk running. Can we start a movement to move the marathon time as you suggest? :)