Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ignorance vs Knowledge

The weather here in northern IL was perfect today. Low 70's, maybe even high 60's, no wind & sunny. Glorious. I need it to stay this way all summer.

Ran 4 miles today in 41:19. I walked a couple times, but overall, it went really well. Lately, my runs average 10:30 - 10:45 min per mile pace. I'm happy with that because it's way better than this time last year.

I've been reading other blogs & the Chicago Marathon website and there's alot of talk about cross training. I did none of that last year, but have adopted it for this year. My cross training mostly consists of riding the bike in my family room. I like to think it's helping, but I guess that remains to be seen. I feel stronger or maybe I'm just more knowledgeable about what it takes this year.

Last year, a few people suggested the "ignorance is bliss" theory when it comes to marathon training - that it's better to not know what you're getting yourself into. This may work for some, but if you've read the first post from today, you know I'm a control freak. For me, it's better this year because I know exactly what it takes, and what to expect on October 12th (well, at least through mile 16).

This year, I'm going with "knowledge is power".


Jenn said...

That's where I got called off in 07 too . . . Mile 16! Yes, we will have to meet up at CARA Run. Are you doing Nike + 10k?