Friday, July 25, 2008


I've reached my American Cancer Society fundraising goal! I think I'm around $1030 today ($850 was the goal). So, THANK YOU to everyone who donated, it means the world to me & my fellow ACS runners.

Everyone should come out on marathon day to watch. Its such a great time, and so inspiring!

Again, thanks to everyone for their support!


JuJu said...

I realize that as your sister I should be commenting to your blog more, but the reality is that I'm a little jealous that you are doing this marathon again, AND that little thing called school. So, sorry, from your selfish, injured little sister who can't run right now, but can "battle" 80's style dancing at weddings! Long story...

Anyway, my question to you is where did that awesome picture on your profile come from? You look great!

Sorry that we haven't donated to your fundraising yet, but I promise we will before race day!

Karin said...

You have way more important things going on (school) to comment on my banter, so no biggie. Just remember, if it wasn't for you, I would have never taken on this running thing to begin with. You can come to the half and the 20 miler and the marathon to cheer me on!

The picture came from one B took awhile back, and thanks! I can't wait to hear about the 80's dancing at the wedding!