Sunday, March 1, 2009

Running and Not Running..

First, the running part, namely me! Yep, hit the treadmill twice, 2 miles each time. I'm easing back in, or getting away with as little as possible. Either way, I am actually running the entire time. Yahoo.

Now, the not running...this has been a big deal in the marathoning world. One of the contestants of Biggest Loser was voted off last week (he lost 100 lbs), and decided to run a marathon with his wife. At the end of the show, they are filmed crossing the finish line AND wearing the medals. With a 3:53 time. When I saw this, my first reaction was "how the hell does a guy who just lost 100 lbs and has not properly trained for a marathon finish in 3:53 and it took me 5:30???"

Then we find out its not true. According to the stories, they were driven 3 miles on the course and were disqualified. Neither the Biggest Loser guy or his wife are listed in the race results.

Now, I don't know how much say they had in how their finish was portrayed at the end of the Biggest Loser show last week, but come on....they knew they were driven, knew they were filmed crossing the finish AND with the medals.

26.2 is not a distance to you take on half-heartedly. Trust me. It's hard and it will kick your ass even if you do train properly.

One would like to think they'd come forward and apologize for the misrepresentation of the whole thing, but I don't think that has happened. Loser is right..


jodes said...

i had no idea!! My husband and I watch that show religiously and we were SHOCKED at how quickly they finished their first marathon!! Our marathon time was in the 5:30s and we were floored. i can't wait to tell him this. ;o)

jlou said...

It's sad because had they just told the truth I think it still could have been viewed as a huge accomplishment. But yeah, the misrepresentation ruins it.