Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How Appropriate..

I get these "inspirational" emails from Rev Run. I know, but I saw it on Oprah or something, signed up and still get them. Anyway, this is todays:

"Patient energy applied over time brings the best solutions... ALWAYS think things through and THEN follow through. Instant answers to your questions and problems RARELY occur... Like my man Will Smith tells me from time to time.... “Let it marinate Rev.. (Remember!). On your way to the top, ENJOY THE RIDE! Life is a marathon not a sprint......... Haste makes waste but slow and steady wins the race!"

Obviously, that could apply to many things, but oh so appropriate for my 18 miles this weekend. Slow & steady, pace myself, be patient... You just never know where your inspiration will come, do ya??


chris said...

“Let it marinate." Hahahaha. Advice from Rev. Run...I am calling it a day with that one!