Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just an Observation..

This week on the news in Chicago there was a story about a woman who staged a nursing sit-in after being chastised for nursing her baby in public. Over 30 nursing mothers showed up to show their support.

I nursed for about 5 months, and honestly, hated every minute of it, but completely support any woman who chooses to - or not to - nurse their child. I was never comfortable nursing in public, but for those that are - and for those that I've seen do it, they're usually discreet about it and try to cover up so their stuff isn't hanging out.

A few times this past week, I was out running at a local forest preserve area. There are 2 older men walking the path in shorts and no shirts. Complete with their large guts hanging out all over the place for the world to see. Sure, it was slightly warm this week. Then wear a tank top, boys.

Do you see where I'm going with this??

So, someone actually complained about a mother nursing her child, said that it was inappropriate and she should do it elsewhere, like a bathroom. However, two overweight old guys walking shirtless is okay? Blech...


JuJu said...

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree. Why is it okay for every overweight, white trash male chauvinist pig to walk around showing off their beer guts, or for all the larger-than-life women to walk around wearing jeans that are four sizes too tight and showing their thongs, but it's NOT okay for nursing moms to show one of the most natural things in the world? Our society is so ass-backwards sometimes, I can't stand it!!!