Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Time for Some FOOTBALL!!!

Well, is that time of year again. Time for B's football to begin. We picked up his equipment yesterday, and today was the first day of mini camp. Mini camp is alledgedly optional, but just about everyone shows up.

My little (he's not that little, he's an 88 lb third grader, and 4'8" tall) athlete has moved up to the featherweight division this year, which is very exciting because almost all of his team from last year moved up as well. He came off the field tonite announcing "THAT was AWESOME". This year will be interesting. B's first year, they went 10-2. Last year, we had a great season and were in the championship game, but lost (that is another whole story...). Keep your fingers crossed that we have another stellar year!

I wasn't always a football fan. Up until 2001, I wanted nothing to do with it. However, that year, 3 things happened:

1. I was the mother of an almost 1 yr old boy. I figured the odds of him liking football were good.

2. The Bears were in the playoffs that year. It's very easy to jump on the bandwagon when your home team is winning.

3. Brian Urlacher. 'Nuff said...

There began my obsession with football. Since then, I've become one the THEM. You know the type, the fan who watches tv all day Sunday, screaming at the refs when things don't go her way - factor in that I'm a complete control freak, and it's not a pretty picture. If you would have told Dave 13 years ago that I'd be spewing football stats, he would have never believed it. It's true...

So, it begins again. Football practice 5 nights a week until school begins, then down to 3; socializing with the parents; NFL training camp updates on the news; half the weekend spent at games, the other half spent in front of the television; college ball and eventually, screaming my head off at B's games or at the television... is a beautiful thing!